Happy 10th to Google Maps! [Infographic]

February 19, 2015
For 10 years Google Maps has made it easier to navigate and explore your world. If you hopped in a DeLorean with Marty McFly and went back 10 years, you’d probably remember the days when we were dependent on paper maps, written directions, or those encyclopedia-sized Thomas maps. Getting from point A to B is something we do all day, every day—from finding the fastest way to get to work, to dropping the kids off on a carpool route, to meeting friends for drinks at a new spot—so it should be as easy as possible. Over the last 10 years has continually introduced new ways to for us to find better ways for us to get around and discover nearby hidden gems!   Google Maps 10 Year   With features like Business View and newer versions of Mobile Maps, Google continues to provide us with the most accurate and useful information we need to navigate our way through our busy lives.   Timeline-2nd We feel honored to contribute to a program that over 65 million people rely on every day. Here’s to another 10 years!