4 Simple Local SEO Solutions with Google Plus

December 5, 2014
4 Tips for Google+ Business  

Google Plus Boosts Local SEO

Some may consider Google+ a low priority amongst the list of social profiles for a business. When Google+ was introduced in 2011 it did not catch on with the consumer market the way Twitter and Facebook have. However, businesses treating Google+ as an afterthought can seriously hurt search rankings.
An active, accurate, and complete Google+ business profile can really boost your search rankings.
“While it may not yet be the most ubiquitous of social media platforms, Google+ is a powerful tool for savvy marketers,” said Ronn Torossian, CEO and founder of 5WPR and author of “For Immediate Release” (BenBella Books, 2011). “A +1 on Google+ correlates with higher seo rankings for users, as posts and pages shared on Google+ are more quickly indexed into the Google search engine than those on other platforms.”
Here are 4 simple and effective ways to boost your audience on Google+ and improve your local search rank:
1. Complete your profile. A fully complete, accurate, and consistent listing on Google can really boost your engagement. Use our Google+ check list and get the most from your page.
2. Encourage customer reviews. Ask your customers for reviews on Google whenever possible. While this might invite negative reviews from one or two dissatisfied customers, it will boost trust and confidence in your brand. TIP: Never ignore negative reviews. Always respond, quickly.
3. Add a virtual tour. Local SEO benefits for businesses with a virtual tour are clear. Adding a “See Inside” Google Business View virtual tour is one of the most impactful things you can do as a part of completing your profile. User’s consume rich content and images more than other information. Nothing says rich content more than a 360º virtual tour in Google. See virtual tour examples.
4. Use Circles and Hangouts. Google+ Circles allow you to add anyone to a designated group called a Circle. Content you post is included in the Google search results when any member of your Circle searches keywords relevant to your content. You can also curate Circles for specialized niche groups within your community, and use them to deliver highly relevant content that you know will gain engagement. Using Google+ Hangouts, Google’s video chat service, is a great way to gain exposure for both your Google+ profile and your brand. Many companies have begun to use Hangouts for Q&A sessions, workshops, announcements, webinars and more, which can help a business stand out as an expert in its industry.