4 must-see Google Business View examples

May 11, 2015
What is Google Business View?
Google Business View is a fairly new program that allows users to see the inside of businesses with Street View technology.   Users can quickly access the virtual tours on all devices from Google Search, Google+, and Google Maps by clicking on a “See Inside” thumbnail that is prominently displayed in results.

How does this help local businesses?

A visually-rich local listing bridges the divide between consumers searching for local businesses online (an overwhelming 98%) and the local retailer or business offering a product or service.  Robust listings with images and virtual tours help businesses stand out by displaying information that is valuable to consumers in an entertaining and engaging way.

Here are 4 cool examples of Business View:

#1 – Swift Apartments

  • Type: Apartments/Condominiums
  • Location: Washington DC
real estate virtual tours
Why we like it:  First, the photography was beautifully captured by Frank Clark as shown in the point-of-interest photos included with all Google Maps virtual tours.  Second, there as an abundance of value in a virtual tour for a business like this.  Most future residents will plan and visit potential communities before making a decision, however, most will initiate this process online. Physical property tours for interested people are more productive once the person has already seen the property virtually.

#2 – DASH (Melrose)

  • Type: Retail; Clothing Store
  • Location: Los Angeles

Why we like it:  DASH is a fashion brand launched by Kim Kardashian which turns this establishment into somewhat of a tourist destination.  With a following as large as the Kardashian’s may have – most will never be able to physically check out their hometown store.  Google Business View is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This is a great example of a brand utilizing Business View for both a local impact, as well as a value-add for their global fans and customers.

#3 – Shane Bowden Gallery

  • Type: Art Gallery
  • Location: La Jolla
google tour art gallery
Why we like it: Other than the fact that we think Shane Bowden’s art work is super cool – it’s just a great way to showcase artwork indefinitely online.  Photography is an art form that is most often uniquely respected by artists.  Additionally, art buyers and enthusiasts also show a similar passion and appreciation for the panoramic photography tours.  We have seen a tremendous response from tours of this nature.

#4 – Pier 247 Restaurant

  • Type: Restaurant
  • Location: Dallas (Bishop Arts District)
restaurant google business view
Why we like it: Google Business View for restaurants is a clear and obvious use case that should be utilized for all in the category.  Pier 247 is a restaurant in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District and was one of the first customers we engaged with when we launched last year.  We like this tour because we were able to see tremendous lift in their Google listing engagement following the addition of the virtual tour.  Nonetheless, Steve Wheeler is one of the best photographers in the business and we like looking at his work!